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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Payment at impulseHAIR - A Safe Place to Shop:

Prices and Payment:

Here, you can order hair extensions and pay with:

Visa Electron
Bank Transfer

All prices on, are incl. of Danish VAT of 25%.  See your shopping basket to view the total price of your items, including all fees, VAT and freight charges. The terms of payment are indicated in the shopping basket based on your chosen method of payment. Freight terms are specified in your shopping basket according to your chosen method of delivery. We are not liable, in the event of print and pricing errors, or goods, which are out of stock. Prices can be changed without prior notice, due to instant changes in prices from suppliers and currency fluctuations. Prices on B2B customers are shown as exclusive VAT. For consumers outside EU, the products will be sold exclusive of VAT.

If payment is by credit card, then you will always be protected against abuse. You have the option to refuse  a payment when you receive your payment history on transactions from your bank. There is no self risk involved in the event that your card is misused in an internet shop that uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in its payment system. Therefore you are better protected, than in the physical world, where you have a self risk of app. 1.200 DKK per month when your credit card has been misused by the use of entering a PIN code. The data you submit in connection with purchases paid by credit card is encrypted by Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and it is only PBS (Nets) that can access the data. Neither impulseHAIR, or other third parties will be able to access the data. The full amount on goods ordered, will not be deducted before the products have benn shipped from impulseHAIR. It is not possible to withdraw a larger amount, than what has been approved by you at purchase.

In addittion, when purchasing with the credit cards, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Maestro, the 3D secure standard, (Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode), the safetystandard introduced by VISA and MasterCard is utilised to identify the card owner, when purchasing on the internet. “Verified by Visa og MasterCard SecureCode”,  is a new service that offers customers a simple and secure way to pay for goods and services over the web. You must create your own personal message and a password when you join. This information is only known by you and your bank. Your personally created message will be presented when purchasing goods and services and you would then have to verify it with your password each time you pay with your credit card.


All hair extensions are in stock and will be shipped from impulseHAIR, within 1-3 days with Post Danmark, the Danish Postal Delivery Service.  The full amount on goods ordered, will not be deducted before the products have benn shipped from impulseHAIR. When using payment by bank transfers, the products will be shipped upon verifying the payment to our account. Note! If the full amount is not received within 3 working days by bank transfer, your order may be deleted without notice. Timely delivery requires however that Post Denmark lives up to it's day-to-day delivery service. If there are delays with Post Denmark, this will delay delivery in relation to the desired delivery date. Post Danmark's about quality of supply is a minimum of 97% for letter packages, and minimum 99% of the parcels. Note however that these percentages are average, and can cover large local and temporary variations. impulseHAIR can not be held responsible for delays in Post Denmark. In case of missed deliveries prompted by Post Denmark, the total amount incl. transportation costs, will of course be refunded. Delivery times within Europe, depending on destination, will take between 4 to 10 days on average.

Right of Returns:

Your right of returns (cancellation period) lasts 14 days. In your notice to us you must clearly show that you regret your purchase. The cancellation period starts from the day you received the goods or a substantial part of it. Buying custom made and pre-ordered items that you as a customer, specially ordered to be in a specific product quality, length and texture, and are not kept in our stock, can not be refunded. You will bear the costs associated with returning the item. Wholesale customers have no right of returns.

When Using the Right of Returns:


You are obligated to keep the product in the same condition as when you received it. Do not use the product, or attach, wash, color or bleach the hair extensions. If doing so, your right to cancel the order, does not apply. However, you can carefully examine the goods. If the item is damaged or lost because of carelessness, you will lose the right to return the goods. You have 14 days right to return the goods.

These terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from impulseHAIR. Conditions apply in cases where no other written agreement between you as a buyer and impulseHAIR, has been established.

Basically, you can complain against workmanship errors which are revealed after you have received the delivered goods, provided that the goods are not put into use and has been naturally worn, poorly maintained and cared for, have been dried out, colored and bleached. Or by incorrect or improper maintenance or damaging use, that destroy the product, then the warranty can not be invoked. When we receive a complaint about a product, we will consider whether the product shall be repaired or exchanged for money to be repaid. When complaints are legitimate, then impulseHAIR will reimburse the freight charges that you may have incurred in returning the goods.

When Returning Goods:

Please provide Name, Address and Order Number.
Returned Goods are Send to:

Impulse Hair v/Jimmy Kviesgaard,
Paradisaeblevej 54, 5 th.
2500 Valby

REMEMBER! The money will be deposited to your bank account. It is therefore important that you inform your bank account number. The IBAN account number and your banks SWIFT address.
Banking Details for Impulse Hair v/Jimmy Kviesgaard:
Nordea Bank Danmark A/S
Enghave Plads 4
1670 Koebenhavn V
Phone: +45 3331 2111 5501 - Account Number: 6886695657
IBAN Account Number: DK8420006886695657
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